summer adventure list

This summer is a special one. The Oldest heads to kindergarten in the fall and I hope we have a summer full of adventure. Though, it has been stormy and rainy quite frequently. Today, I am thankful for our safety and dry basement, activities aside. Two large, old, beautiful trees in our yard fell to yesterday’s severe weather and it causes me to reflect on God’s goodness and mercies. The storm has passed, and the clean-up begins, and something new and beautiful will take over the space that those magnificent trees once filled.


photo (22)

make these monster cookies

“paint” the driveway


PicMonkey Collage

[fed ducks | explored the family museum | wore out the sandbox | saw pirates on stage | explored the zoo | played at the park, a lot | dug our toes in the sand]

PicMonkey Collage2

[explored a local historical village | finished our first t-ball season | played with shaving cream | attended VBS & day camp]



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