When You’re Not Quite Sure Where You’re Headed : but you know you’re headed somewhere

Sievers Fam15-Web

Oh friends. It has been so quiet here;  my thoughts about where I want this blog to head have been anything but quiet, and I think it’s time to share some of them.

The main thing that I know: I want to glorify God with my time. The secondary thing that I know: I love to write, share my thoughts, talk about things I am passionate about, and have a creative outlet like this, and I know that those are God given desires. With that said, I think you will see a slight shift in the site content. Will my main focus still be the Three Boys? You bet! Because, they are my main focus! What I hope to share, though, is more of our lifestyle. A lifestyle that takes cultivating, tending, and harvesting :: one of wellness and health, and of living life and finding joy.

For whatever reason, in the past, I have been fairly hesitant to openly share about my passion for daily use of essential oils + fueling my body properly + physical fitness + spiritual wellness. As I reflect back on 2014 and looked forward to 2015, one of the changes I hope to incorporate is being unashamedly open about the things that give me a feeling of purpose and satisfaction.

Where exactly I am headed? I’m not quite sure, but I know I’m headed somewhere.

photo credit : Jackie Petersen ©


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