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Oh, midwest winter. Isn’t it funny that in the heat of the summer we are aching to wear jeans and a cozy top outdoors, comfortably? And the thought of breaking out a favorite pair of boots? ::insert heart-eyes emoji::

And yet, when the daylight hours become short and it is too uncomfortable to go outside, I am just dying a little on the inside for summer to arrive and arrive QUICKLY! [although, I do love a good excuse for my wellies]

But seriously, I know that I am not alone in the icky feeling that sometimes arrives with cold temperatures and gray skies. This year, in particular, I was feeling really irritable [angry?] a LOT and really started to question the potential of PMDD in my life. I decided to chat with my ob-gyn about it and she suggested a few things:

  • “Are you working out regularly?” Yes. Six days a week, at least. My endorphins and I are in a committed relationship.
  • “Are you eating well?” Yes, I eat nutrient dense meals and believe in a balanced intake approach.
  • “Do you need to cut back on caffeine?” We have a winner. YES! I do need to cut back on caffeine, especially in the winter when I am always so tempted to have a warm cup of coffee within arms reach at all times.
  • “Take a Vitamin D supplement, 5000 mg.” I will order some on Amazon right now.*

Don’t hear me denying that PMDD and seasonal depression aren’t legit. I believe they are. I also believe that for me, and for my body, health, and family, I wanted to try the lifestyle changes listed above to see if my mood/irritability would improve.

I ordered a Vitamin D3 supplementright away and purchased three flavors of caffeine free herbal tea [I still allow myself two cups of coffee each day, because let’s be honest]. I have been taking the Vitamin D and cut back on the caffeine for well over one month, now, and have noticed a huge difference. Primarily, the Vitamin D supplement. I can tell when I forget to take it [I do try to take it at night, because I noticed that it would give me nausea when taken in the morning or mid-day] and noticed the improvement in my physical energy and emotional demeanor immediately.

Here’s the thing, and it has taken me until my thirties to get here: if I am not taking proper care of myself [and addressing back-of-the-mind concerns], I cannot fully enjoy God’s blessings in my life.

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*This dosage is safe, and came medically recommended, for me. I am not currently on any type of prescription medication or have any health concerns. Before taking a supplement, check with a physician.


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