stopping time

I read somewhere, this week, that the way to stop time is to write. Reflecting on that, I realize just how true that statement is. When I sit down to blog [journal] a bit about the boys, it seems that I am able to freeze these moments, even while time keeps passing. I feel like there have been several “let’s stop time” moments over these summer months. Mainly, that I am really going to miss The Oldest when he heads back to first grade. He has been fun to be around this summer, due largely in part to his independence [bored? go read a book. still bored? go outside and play. pool? he’s got this.]. And, when I need to take a shower, change a load of laundry, or work on making supper, he “takes care” of The Littlest for me, and does well.



I’m sure I’ll miss The Middlest, too, but preschool is just different, because I think it serves as quite a productive, and needed, break for both of us. To his credit, he is also very helpful with The Littlest, just not quite as independent as The Oldest, yet, in certain regards. I AM, amidst my thoughts of missing The Oldest, truly looking forward to some sweet one-on-one time with The Littlest. [Which, if I’m being honest, probably looks like a quiet weekly Target run.]


If I could sum up this summer in one simple word, it would be good. It has been a good summer. We have done many fun things, nothing over the top, and nothing over-programmed [my favorite place to be]. We spent quite a bit of time in the great outdoors, swimming and golfing, mostly. The Oldest and The Middlest are developing quite the passion for golfing and Their Dad has enjoyed indulging his own passion for the golf course on the two of them. [ahem, we may or may not have a putting green mowed in the back yard]. And of course, generally hanging out in the backyard, feeling pretty darn grateful when the neighbor boys take the time to wander back and see us [even if it’s just for the popsicles].


To be honest, though, I had two main tasks that I wanted to accomplish this summer. One: mastering the art of tying shoes, once and for all, for The Oldest. Two: learning to ride a two-wheeler bike. Mission accomplished. This last week, those two things just clicked for him, he’s thrilled, and I’m thrilled. This fall/winter, only two sets of shoes to tie. And, I’ll probably invest in velcro.

On a personal level, I have made quite an effort to be diligent in creating a weekly meal plan, and prepping as much as possible at the beginning of each week. I’m really hoping to share more about that, soon! But for the time being, here are two delicious recipes that we have enjoyed as a result of the planning: firecracker shrimp tacos | peach yogurt breakfast muffins


As we begin the transition to a new season, I am looking forward to digging deeper in to some of the desires that I believe the Lord is placing on my heart. Between reading “Restless” this spring, the work I am doing for a non-profit organization, and recently attending a video-cast of the Global Leadership Summit, I am confident that God wants me to use my passion for physical fitness and wellness for His glory. It’s scary to put that out there. I don’t even know the what, when, where or how of this. I only know the why. But, I am going to listen for his guidance, pray for the vision, and run after it. [and on the running note, I am running a local 5K this evening, and have been making myself nervous ALL day. This is the very reason I do not sign up for organized athletic events anymore. All the nerves. I don’t even care about “beating” anyone, just all the dang anxiousness to wait until 7 PM to run. I’ll letcha know how it goes…]




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