My dear Littlest,

Happy second birthday, Baby Boy. I simply cannot believe two years have passed since you were born and yet, it’s also like you’ve always been here. Probably because you bring about a sense of completeness.

When you were born, I wrote some notes to you. One of them was “I wish you knew that I love our time together so far, but things are about to get loud and crazy around here. But it’s a good crazy and with time, you’ll adjust to the noise. You complete us, sweet baby boy. And, we are so in love.”

I think now you do know how much I love our time together.

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Now I know that you are the third born of three boys because you thrive on the loud and crazy. You are in your element when things are loud and crazy. Me, not so much. But you have certainly helped me to learn to smile amidst the chaos.

You do complete us, and we are still in love, and always will be.

I love to watch you sleep, because I know that all day long you have been busy and need to rest. Though, true to your personality, you keep moving even while you are sleeping. I lay you down at bedtime only to find your head on the opposite side of the crib from where I laid you down.

You love to snuggle with your stuffed puppy at night, you are particular about having a pillow and your blanket just-so. We sing the “ABC’s” and “Jesus Loves Me” while you are being changed in to jammies. When I finish you always clap and give an enthusiastic “yay!” When I lay you down at night we sing your prayer, you tuck your puppy underneath your left arm, your sippy cup under your right arm, and then you squeeze your eyes shut and grin from ear-to-ear while you pretend you are asleep. And then, you open your eyes, and in your sweet voice tell me “nigh, nigh!” and blow me a kiss with a teeny tiny little giggle sandwiched in between your lips and your chubby hand.

You love the bathtub. But you don’t stay on your bottom, of course.

You love the outdoors. But your temper exposes itself when it’s time to come inside.

You adore your big brothers. But you poke them in the eyes and pull their hair.

You have a way about you that is passionate. You are not often indifferent and make your opinions known. You are very aware of your ability to make us laugh, and do so frequently. You are sweet and yet feisty! You are happy and content and yet a fireball.

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I often pick you up, snuggle my nose in to your cheeks, and say “my sweet baby boy”. I want you to be my baby forever, and yet I know that God has intense plans for you and I have to let you grow in to a warrior for His kingdom. I know how much changes between birthday two and birthday three, so if you could please continue to snuggle your head right into the crook of my neck just a few more times this next year, I sure would be grateful.

Gift Guide | Boys age infant to 2-years

Not to be forgotten, a gift guide inspired by The Littlest, for boys ages infant to 2-years-old:

[gift guide 2 to 5-years | gift guide 5 to 8-years]
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When the babes are brand new at Christmas time, I tend add items that they can “grow in to” over the next year to their wishlist. Because, there is no time of more rapid change in cognitive and physical development than those first two years. I tend to add practical items to that list as well.

Top: kid + kind romper | Gymnic Rody Horse | Summer Infant Bibbity

Middle: Little People Christmas Story Nativity | Jolly Jumper Safety Strap Universal Seat Safety Strap

Bottom: Standard Wood Building Blocks | Proudfoot Moccs

We picked up a Rody at a garage sale, for a quarter. Score! The Littlest LOVES it.

The “Bibbity” is the bestbibever. No really, it rinses right off and catches all the food. And, my favorite? The Littlest can’t get it off.

My favorite thing about the Little People Nativity set is that it encourages sharing the birth of our Savior with The Three Boys, but also plays “Away in a Manger”.

The Jolly Jumper strap was a purchase we made last year, when The Littlest was transitioning to a high chair. We have a vintage high chair, with no strap, and this was the perfect solution. It washes up easily with a wet cloth or the washing machine, and it transportable to restaurants and shopping carts!

We cannot say enough about our love for Proudfoot Moccs. They are very high quality for a reasonable price, hold up well, and are just so cute. I also love knowing that we are spending our money to support a fellow momma.