harvest outfit


There were a few quiet moments at the Three Boys House yesterday & I was dressing this little gent up for a birthday party, so we snuck outside for a few quick photos. Because, this plaid blanket, mostly. It’s nothing short of perfection.


And, because, all of the autumn colors :: pumpkins + honey crisp apples.


Outfit details: [sweater : H&M | chambray : baby gap similar | jeans : baby gap similar | moccs : proudfoot]

PS: this kid has grown so much these last few months!



harvest season | favorites

harvest season favorites
I apologize for the awkward radio silence over here. Time has simply flown since The Oldest and The Middlest started school. My days are filled with two drop-offs, two pick-ups, soccer practices, and trying to squeeze in a nap for The Littlest and errands in between there. This was also our first month of MOPS and I participated in the ICM Made Market selling sets of my custom cookies.

I have a special place in my heart for harvest season. I love the crispness in the air, the smell of burning leaves, and watching the first trees turn burnt orange and red. I want to soak up that crisp air, that kind that is cool but still has a glimpse of summer to it, and bottle up the smell of burning leaves and apple cider and toasted marshmallows. I want to hang on to it all the way through all of the gloomy snowy days of winter.

Weather that allows for jeans and a hooded sweatshirt, worn comfortably without the need for thick socks and a heavy coat, is glorious. We had that weather for a few weeks, and now we are back to summer-like temps for the time being. I’ll soak those up too!

Along with the changing season, for me, comes the desire to simplify, including my wardrobe. This summer, I picked my favorite pieces and stuck to them. This fall I am planning a wardrobe capsule, and I plan to include:

1] cowl-neck fleece // old navy

2] boyfriend jeans // target

3] ankle boots // target

4] new balance shoes [on my wish list]

I am craving an early morning campfire, snuggled up with [5] a plaid¬†wool blanket and stanley vacuum thermos full of steaming coffee and a plate full of these. I am going to have to work on making that happen. Aren’t those two pieces just quintessential autumn?












handmade feature >> vol. 1 [+ a giveaway!]

I love handmade. When I was pregnant with The Littlest, it was a hobby to peruse etsy looking for the adorable of adorable items for baby/toddler boys. Since joining the instashop community, I have discovered even more handmade love.

One of the other things that I love about handmade is knowing how much love goes into each item and that I am supporting local + small [or family] businesses. We’re a bit biased toward a little shop Two Birdie Bands because the sweet mother + daughter duo happen to be some very dear friends. Here is a bit of info about them:

Two Birdie Bands was created by a 6 year old gymnast, free-spirit, and junior entrepreneur along with her mama. Tired of headbands that wouldn’t stay put during workouts and gymnastics routines, we developed our own! Our goal is to create swanky workout and chic fashion headbands that stay put and look awesome!

This is The Oldest, proving that boys too can rock the Birdie Band! This particular band is called the “RJ”. He loves it // the quality is outstanding // we don’t really leave home without it.

A couple of other favorite shops of ours are Proudfoot Moccs and Wild + Bear. We love Proudfoot Moccs because they are great quality at an affordable price and adorable. They pair well with everything and are a great minimalist shoe for summer and fall. [we have previously blogged about Wild + Bear]

That flannel styled with our Proudfoot Moccs? It’s fantastic. And, it’s available in the three boys closet shop!

<<< >>>

Time for a giveaway!

Our LOVELY and generous friends at Two Birdie Bands sent us TWO bands to giveaway to you all! One for the girls, and one for the boys!

photo 5(2)

[pssst… that polka dot band is SUPER adorable & the dots shimmer]

Enter below [click “a Rafflecopter giveaway”]. Two winners will be selected: one for the girl’s band and one for the boy’s band. Giveaway open to U.S. residents only. Entries must be submitted by 11 PM CST on Wednesday, August 20, 2014. All rights reserved.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

fun things


It’s been a little bit quiet around here, and my instashop. I tend to be a “jack of many trades, master of none” and get myself involved in quite a bit. In addition to my boys clothing boutique hobby, I am also creating + designing sugar cookies [you can check them out on the sugar & butter facebook page].

I also coordinate our local MOPS group, and with that beginning at the start of the school year, I have been busy with those details. Lovely, beautiful details. To love on momma’s and their kiddos.

And, truly trying to enjoy the last bits of summer with this brood of boys.

The boys’s closet [they all three share one, relatively small, closet] is a bit overcrowded these days, though, so you can expect to see some more action in the shop in the upcoming couple of weeks.

Blessings, my friends!

joy in little moments

photo (32)photo (33)photo (34) photo (35)photo (36)
There is so much joy in little people. In the splash of the slip & slide / a first ride in the wagon / wrestling in open fields on an unexpected play date with your best buddies / in discovering a shared hobby / and enjoying the mild summer evenings.

That picture of The Oldest and my feet >> he pleaded with me to take him running, and I happily agreed. I told him we’d try a mile, and a mile we did. As we jogged out of the driveway, he said “Mom, it’s such a beautiful day for a run!” I needed that reminder, and my five-year-old’s perspective. Oh, also? These little eyes are watching and they are observant of the details. The Oldest told me the day before this photo was taken that he wanted to join me for a run and said “we’ll have to get up super early, before the sun comes up”. Because, that is when I usually run. Early, before the sun and the Three Boys rise. I wasn’t aware that The Oldest even knew that. They know all of our habits, and they want to be just like us. Heart-warming and also scary. And convicting.

can we take a moment

Two things, really…

1) It’s truly a blessing that my husband holds me accountable to a budget, or I would buy the entire fall line at baby gap.

2) Rompers.

I tried to ignore the e-mail in my inbox, on Saturday, from baby gap. But, I didn’t. I ended up browsing the fall collection instead. I haven’t even looked beyond the 0-24 month sizes, because I have zero will-power [which is where #1 above comes in]. Here are my favorites [which is where #2 above comes in].

fall gap


bear sweater hat | checkered shirt | chambray one-piece | puffer vest | stripe pocket one-piece

fall gap 2

gingham button-up one-piece | color block bike one-piece | stripe sweater one-piece

essential oils >> on the go


Essential oils are an essential part of our daily routine. I prefer to attempt a natural remedy, when possible and appropriate. While we have many oils that we use daily, these are the oils that we don’t leave home with out and why we keep it with us, all the time.

Deep Relief roll-on: is a blend of essential oils used to relieve muscle soreness and tension. We keep this with us for bumps and bruises, which the Three Boys encounter often, it seems. While I would not use this on an open wound, it is perfect for the occasional head bonk. Early this summer, The Oldest had his hand slammed in the van door. I immediately [felt like the worst parent, ever] reached for our Deep Relief and slathered it on The Oldest’s smashed hand. He had gone pale instantly and the hand started to bruise within seconds. As soon as I applied Deep Relief he got all of his color back to his face and the bruising went away immediately. He took a deep breath, and we moved on. It was nothing short of a small miracle. I figured he’d complain about discomfort throughout the morning and he didn’t. About two hours after it happened, I asked him to show me his hand, and he couldn’t even remember which one. No swelling, no bruising.

Lavender: is a single oil, and has an infinite number of uses, and I will touch on some of them in future posts. However, we keep this with us for four specific purposes: 1) the aroma is generally calming, which is perfect for the occasional tantrum 2) it provides immediate soothing and healing for cuts and scrapes and reduces scarring [perfect on a bandaid in place of neosporin] 3) immediate relief from the itch of mosquito and bug bites and 4) diaper rash relief for The Littlest. He doesn’t get diaper rash often, but when he does, just one application of lavender + a bit of coconut oils takes care of it!

Peppermint: is another single oil that seems to have an endless list of uses. The reason it leaves home with us is because it is great for curing/preventing nausea. With small children, you just never know when that might pop up. And, as an added bonus, just a drop on your tongue will quickly freshen your breath and can also help with reflux. I keep Peppermint with me if I am driving quite a distance, because it can also provide natural alertness and keep headaches at bay.

Thieves: is a blend of essential oils that is cleansing and can help boost and protect the immune system. This one probably does not need to go with us. But, I trust in this oil so intensely that having it with me is a bit of a security blanket. I use this almost daily, but especially on the Three Boys if I sense the onset of a cold or virus. And it just smells good.

Stress Away: is a blend of lime and vanilla pure essential oils. This one is for me. It’s no joke to get three young boys out the door, especially when there is a specific time we need to be somewhere. Sometimes, the task is enough to make me an edgy/cranky momma. A couple of drops of this blend in some ice water [or my fave :: sparkling water] and the stress really does stay away. I stay more calm, and my voice stays much quieter. This product can be applied topically, as well, but I love the flavor.

Peace & Calming: this is a blend that is a favorite for me to use on The Three Boys. I use just a bit on the pulse points on their neck and they seem to calm without drowsiness. The general demeanor just relaxes a bit. And it smells ever-so-delish.

[these are the oils that go with us >> this post is also based solely on personal experience, not on any sort of medical education or foundation >> if you have more questions about how we use essential oils, feel free to contact me]


scenes from three boys’s weekend >> vol. 1

We had one of those weekends where we were busy just being. We had an impromptu backyard tent camp-out, complete with roasted marshmallows. You know what’s yummy? Using chocolate chip cookies for your s’mores instead of graham crackers + chocolate bars. We learned that by default.
photo(5)photo 3(4)

Saturday we went to a parade, where these two collected gobs of candy. side note: The Middlest seems to fall a lot, because he walks distracted, as pictured.

[chambray pop-over | red shorts: old navy similar | perforated shoes // button-up: cotton on via @ettabugloved | shorts: baby gap similar | sandals]


We ended our weekend with Sunday-Funday and spent a good portion of our afternoon enjoying the sunshine and some pool-time. The Littlest was livin’ the dream.

[tee | hat: old navy similar]

photo 4(3)

and, he let me get some snuggles in.

[cloche hat: target similar + forever 21 similar]

looks we are loving

wild + bear

Bold tees for your little man, inspired by living wild and free — as a boy’s life should be. Launching: August 1, 2014

[instagram shop started by @shopthewildthings, sweet mom to those handsome boys up there, and @bestdressedbear // keep this shop on your radar because there are bound to be good things coming from them]



[I am giddy over the back-to-school looks coming out. I mean, I realize it’s July and you might want to punch me for even bringing up back-to-school/fall weather, but I am a nerd and I love the supply shopping and the wardrobe updating and the smell of fall in the air. I do not love winter, so if we could pause at autumn and resume late spring that’d be great. I popped in to carter’s quickly the other day and drooled over that jacket and the new plaid.]

crewcuts [by J. Crew] + peek kids


[I am definitely going to attempt to dress The Oldest in this outfit on the left, based on pieces we already have in the closet | these jeans are on clearance at peek kids, I purchased and adore! I love the bleached out wash and the slouchy-yet-fitted look | I am a sucker for all things raglan/baseball tee and oh, New Balance, you are knocking it out of the ball park with shoes this season seewhatididthere]

for her

[After putting this collage together, I can only wonder if raising Three Boys is rubbing off on me a bit, but on the other hand, all of these pieces have such a feminine touch. I do know that I like to feel put together, but also comfy. I’ve had my eye on this hat for a couple of months, waiting for it to go on sale! >> nike sneakers | old navy cropped sweater | chambray cap | boyfriend jeans]

the gentle breeze

photo (29)
When through the woods and forest glades I wander / And hear the birds sing sweetly in the trees / When I look down from lofty mountain grandeur / And hear the brook and feel the gentle breeze / Then sings my soul, my Savior God, to thee: How great thou art!

“How Great Thou Art” was one of our hymns at church on Sunday. When I hear this hymn, I think of my wedding day, almost always, and also funerals [in a celebration of life manner]. Yesterday, as The Boys and I wandered the forest, The Middlest reached up for my hand and these lyrics filled my thoughts.

There is an overwhelming peace in wandering the forest with three young minds. I started my day with feelings of anxiety; up early for a run, the first social media piece that inundates is about an attempted child abduction, in a rural area, thirty minutes from home. And all the warnings. 20 minutes in to the run, I have to stop and catch my breath because my chest tightened in angst for no particular reason at all.

It was also 55 degrees. In July. That rules out swimming lessons for The Big Boys, and I feel God prompting me to take advantage of such a crisp fall-like day and to explore. We have this gem of a state park nearly in our backyard, and frankly, I dismiss the idea often. Yesterday, I loaded up The Littlest in to the backpack carrier, put some comfy clothes on The Big Boys and we were out the door.

photo (30)

The most beautiful part about it was freeing my mind of worldy cares. Instead, I spent time talking with the boys about God’s majesty and His creation. The Oldest gathered acorns as if they were buried treasure. The Middlest, swarmed with gnats, told me “They’re not bothering me, they’re just playing with me!”. The Littlest yanked at my hair and giggled [mostly]. And God showed me that nature brings peace. The hour that we spent wandering was the most peaceful hour of our day, there is no time to bicker with your brother exploring nature trails. There is no reason to raise my voice in the quiet of the woods.

photo (31)

Yesterday, I returned home with a pocket full of acorns and a renewed peace.