citrus lane

The Littlest of the Three Boys received a subscription to Citrus Lane for his birthday. I had been curious about Citrus Lane for quite some time and dismissed the curiosities simply because with two older brothers, we have everything we need for The Littlest. That said, when it came to birthday ideas, this came to mind. And, I am so glad that it did, because we have both thoroughly enjoyed the first two boxes that arrived at our doorstep. With a three-month subscription, each time a box arrives at the door, it feels like birthday celebrations all over again [and let’s be honest, I get much more excited about Three Boys’s birthdays than my own because allthecutethings].

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Included in our June box: little vehicle from Hape | adhesive bandages from Ouchies Jr. | Mighty 4 Bars from Plum Organics | Taro Gomi Book from Chronicle Books | Wet Bag from Bumkins | coupons for mom [one for the Plum Organics bars and one for Third Love]

 Love-love-love the little vehicle from Hape. The Littlest loves all the things with wheels, and this one I don’t need to worry about ending up in his mouth. Chew away, Kiddo. The paint is child safe and the wood is smooth like butter. This is a shop I will be frequenting for gift ideas. Well played, Hape. [use code HapeCitrus for 10% off and free shipping on $40+ orders]

The bandages, well it’s tough to get excited about bandaids. But, The Oldest and The Middlest go through them like they’re water, and I’ll just toss them right in to our summer go-bag.

I always enjoy stocking up on “to-go” snacks for the boys. In fact, we received our Mighty 4 Bars on a Thursday, and I promptly packed these for an overnight on Friday. I have been wanting to purchase these at the store, but hadn’t. They have fruits + veggies and they’re organic. All around win. I’m sure I’ll put the coupon to use. We have used Plum products in the past, and they do not disappoint. [including these in our summer go-bag]

The book is adorable, as are most board books. One of those items we definitely do not need, but is still fun to add to the collection. And, it has sight words. Perfect for The Oldest to “read” to The Littlest. [use code CITRUS2014 for 30% off + free ground shipping at]

The wet bag would have really come in handy back in my cloth diapering days. We’ll put it to good use bringing sandy clothes home from the beach or wet suits from the pool. Whinnie the Pooh would not have been my first [or any] choice in print… Nothing against Pooh, it’s just a little overrated. [use code CitrusLane14 for 35% off at]

Each time I open the Citrus Lane box, I have been so impressed at the products and their value. So much so, that I added three months to our subscription and subscribed my nephew for his birthday. If subscribing for a first-born, you can always pick the gender “neutral” option. [Citrus Lane knows nothing of my post, this is not sponsored by them, I am just really excited about it and wanted to share my thoughts with you all! Thanks for reading! Now, if you do feel compelled to try it out for a month or more, this is my referral link and The Littlest and I would be thrilled if you used it! You’ll get 50% off of your first month and I will receive a credit for future subscriptions].