play clothes

The boys spend the majority of their time in play clothes. They are rough and tumble, dig in the dirt, wild at heart boys. I love that. I can’t always get the stains out [seriously, tips anyone?] and I am not looking forward to the inevitable ER visits [been there done that, once, so far] but I love it. Last night as my littlest crawled happily through the mud and grass dirtying up his chubby legs and shorts, I thought “good thing I only paid $.50 for those shorts!”.

photo (5)

Does what they wear really matter in the grand scheme of things? Of course not, I want my children to seek the kingdom of God first, not possessions. Frankly, they’re boys and I hope they just leave wardrobe preferences and choices up to me [really, they hate to shop with me unless it involves chocolate milk for them, and I hope it stays that way]. We’ll camp together, and hike, and run, and ride bikes. I also hope that they never have to worry about having their basic needs met [and they don’t, right now].

On the other hand, there are times where I want them to look their best. My oldest is quite aware of those times and will question me: why he can’t wear sweatpants or why he can’t wear flip-flops or why he has to take his hat off when we get inside. And, while sometimes my answer is lengthy as I explain etiquette to him, it all boils down to respect. Respect for himself, the people around him, and the event. Enter the FUN of dressing boys [and also, the hunt for great bargains]!

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